Club Epicure

Club Epicure started in August 2017 as a living room Supper Club, where husband and wife duo Alex and Hatty served up a tasting menu to local foodies. Alex had just appeared on MasterChef, reaching the quarter finals, and the supper clubs were a way of satisfying and fuelling his passion for cooking after the competition.


Hatty and Alex ran Club Epicure alongside full-time jobs, hosting supper clubs for Hampshire foodies on weekends. Soon enough, they outgrew their living room, and in 2018, began hosting pop-up supper clubs from venues such as Open House Deli, The Good Life Farm Shop, and Hambledon Vineyard.

Over the past few years, Club Epicure has evolved into a space to enjoy food with like-minded diners in a relaxed and inclusive atmosphere. Their pop up events are centred around great food, wine, and company.

Club Epicure At Home

More recently, Alex and Hatty adapted their hospitality to cope with Coronavirus, and offered the supper club experience to diners nearby via the Club Epicure At Home service. Their menu, which changed weekly, provided something special for celebrations, to mark the end of a long week, or just for a well-deserved treat.


They finished Club Epicure At Home towards the end of June 2020, and with Alex about to start a Masters, they are continuing Club Epicure through a fortnightly newsletter, The Club Epicure Digest. Sign up here for recipes, foodie media and dining inspiration.


Hatty is a creative, with a background in music and a fascination for art and design. She works as a freelancer, helping her clients with a wide variety of creative marketing services; from website design, to social media and e-newsletter management.


Alongside Hatty's freelance work, she can usually be found re-designing living spaces, and plotting the next house project. 

What would we find you doing an hour before a dinner party?

"Lighting candles, laying the table, choosing a playlist and setting the mood for a cosy dinner by the fireside, or a balmy summer gathering eating alfresco in the garden.”


What would be your tipple of choice?


"In the winter, wine of the rouge variety! In summer, a herby refreshing gin, or an Aperol Spritz.”


Originally a Naval Architect, Alex's passion for cooking began after leaving university. Entirely self-taught, from an ever-growing collection of cookbooks, he balances his meticulousness as an engineer with culinary creativity and a love of hospitality.

As Club Epicure has continued to grow, Alex's cooking has evolved into lower-fuss, back to basics cuisine, with an emphasis on sustainability. 

"Winchester is such a bountiful hub of produce - we have access to some of the best meat, fish, dairy, and fruit & vegetables in the UK, all within a few miles of our city. Being able to go to a farm shop, such as Beechcroft, and have a discussion with the person responsible for rearing the produce is so valuable - it's easy to forget how lucky we are."

Although Alex is embarking on an MBA course in London, he still wants people to enjoy his food, which is why we have decided to publish our collection of recipes.

What would we find you doing an hour before a dinner party?

"Still trying to decide what to cook, I expect. Joking aside, I would probably be reducing sauces, baking bread, basting meat, and choosing wine."


What would be your tipple of choice?


"A good red from Bordeaux.”

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