Alex is a self-taught home cook with a passion for sourcing the best local ingredients and doing things the hard way. 


His passion for cooking has been growing steadily for a number of years. In 2017 he was lucky enough to appear on BBC One's MasterChef before making it to the quarter finals of the culinary competition. 


Since then, Alex has gone on to run pop-up restaurants with fellow competitor Faye Dodwell, both in Winchester and in Faye's home town of Hexham. He has also been a guest chef at a Magazine Street Kitchen supper club in Mumbai. 


Check out Alex's popular Instagram page @alex_cooking, where he shares his latest creations.


With a wide repertoire of cooking styles, he is keen for Club Epicure's diners to appreciate foods that they might not have the confidence to try at home or in a restaurant.


Alex is always happy to cater for guest's favourite ingredients; if there is something that you would especially like to see on the menu, then please ask!

Hatty is in charge of all things front of house, marketing, taste testing and birthdays. She is the one who will make your evening run seamlessly and will be the first to take your coat, chill your wine and hand out the canapés as soon as your walk through the door.

If you have any requests or dietary needs, be sure to let her know.

Hatty has a background in foodie & equestrian marketing, is a classically trained cellist and now runs her own creative marketing business HT CREATIVE.

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